by Claudio

Jan 01, 2016

In this article and video we will explain how to use Reaper to export multiple tracks. This is very useful when it comes to having to transfer an entire arrangement over to a different music recording program.


How To Export Reaper To Wav


Here is how you use Reaper to export multiple tracks:


1. First, select all the tracks you want to export (use control click on pc or command click in Mac to select multiple channels). These can include Buses and Send Effects. Normally, buses don’t need to be exported, but if you particularly like a send effect you have created, you can export the Auxiliary Send in question.


2. Now set your locators to the desired length you wish to export.


3. Go to File and select “Render”


4. On the “Render” field select “Stems (Selected Tracks)”
5. On the “Render Bounds” section select “Time Selection”


6. Under the “Output” section, on the “Directory” field, click on “Browse”, “Browse for directory” and create a new folder where you want Reaper to put your exported files. Adding the BPM of your song in the folder name is always a good idea. Then click on “Create”, then “Open”.


7. You can leave “File Name” field blank. Click on “Wildcards” and select $ DOLLAR SIGN track. This will ensure that all your exported files will have the same name as the tracks in your project.


8. Under the “Options” section, set sample rate to 44.100 Hz, and 24bit PCM, Channels to stereo and the “Full-speed Offline” option. Tick the “Tracks with only mono media to mono files” box.


9. Select WAV as output format to make it compatible with both mac and pcs. All other options you can leave unchecked.


10. Leave the three options at the bottom unchecked.


11. Hit render and… off you go!


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