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With our Remix & Production package, we bring your musical vision to life, starting with your original work. Whether it’s an existing arrangement or a quick voice recording for a new production, we create a full musical experience. Our method includes playing all needed instruments, mixing, mastering, and giving you a ready-to-release WAV file that fits your style.



Our work is copyright free. No strings attached
We keep your music private
Enjoy our easy 3-step process: order, upload, receive your finished master
Certified Providers of Apple Certified Apple Digital Masters for optimized streaming



Looking for Vocal Editing & Autotune? Just choose the right option when you order. Want to sing again on the new mix? Add an instrumental Additional Mix, and we’ll blend your final vocals into the new mix at no extra cost.





  • Place the order on our website, selecting the options that best suit your project’s needs.
  • Put all your material into a folder: multitracks, audio notes, reference files, demo mixes, accappellas. If you need to export here are our video tutorials for Logic, Ableton Live, Cubase, and Reaper.
  • Compress the folder into a .zip file, log into your Doctor Mix account, and upload it.
  • Within 10-15 business days (5 business days as Rush Service), receive the first Audition file.
  • Want changes to the sound? Log into your account and send us a List Of Tweaks. You get 1 arrangement revision and 2 mix revisions included in the price.
  • Please note that this package is tailored for standard length songs, typically ranging from 3 to 6 minutes. For projects of different lenghts, music for video/film or advertising, please contact us for a bespoke quote



  • With Doctor Mix, your music is always kept 100% confidential. We never disclose your material to third parties.
  • We hold no copyright on the material we deliver to you. You’re free to use your arrangement as you wish, no strings attached. For more info check our Website Terms and Conditions.
  • Crediting us is not required, but if you choose to (which we always appreciate!), please write: “Produced, Mixed & Mastered by” or “Remixed and Mastered by”


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Remix & Production