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London’s Top Audio Mixing & Mastering Services

At Doctor Mix, we offer a comprehensive Mixing & Mastering service that transforms your raw tracks into a polished, industry-standard masterpiece. Utilizing a blend of vintage analog equipment and cutting-edge digital software, we guarantee a premium, high-quality sound tailored to your artistic vision. Our state-of-the-art studio in Central London features a curated selection of boutique, vintage, valve, and tape gear.

Side view of Doctor Mix studio showing multiple speakers, analogue gear, and computer with audio program

Premium audio solutions from London’s top mixing and mastering studio

Crafted by seasoned professionals using advanced analogue and digital gear

100% confidentiality guaranteed for all your music projects

Simple 3-step process: Place your order, upload your tracks, and receive your industry-standard master

Certified Providers of Apple Digital Masters for optimized streaming

Doctor Mix Apple Digital Masters Certified Logo

Claudio Passavanti mixing at Doctor Mix studio, using NEVE 33609 compressor

Led by music industry veteran Claudio Passavanti, our dedicated team at Doctor Mix is committed to delivering exceptional quality in every project. Catering to both independent artists and institutional clients, we prioritize personalized attention and industry-standard results.

How to Get Your Tracks Professionally Mixed & Mastered

To ensure the best possible output, send your raw tracks to Doctor Mix with the following guidelines:

  • Supply individual stems without added effects or processing.
  • Maintain a few dBs of headroom on each stem to avoid clipping.
  • Include a demo mix along with any specific notes or references (preferably as YouTube links).
  • Place your order and upload files via your Doctor Mix account.
  • Receive your mixed and mastered track within 7 business days; 2-day rush service available.
  • For mix adjustments, log into your Doctor Mix account and submit a List Of Tweaks.

Yamaha Nuage 72-channel mixer in Doctor Mix Studio A

Our Comprehensive Process for Expert Mixing & Mastering

  • Filtering, Gain Staging, Bus Routing
  • Level Balancing and Panning
  • EQ and Dynamic Processing
  • Manual Vocal Tuning, Analogue Treatment
  • Reverb, Delay, and other Effects Processing
  • Volume, Pan, and FX Automation
  • Stereo Imaging, Phase Correlation, and Spatial Enhancement
  • Final Master Compression, EQ, Limiting, and Dithering

Studer A-80 1/4 inch reel-to-reel master tape recorder at Doctor Mix

Easy Steps to Place Your Mixing & Mastering Order

  • Choose the ‘Mix & Mastering’ option and click on “Select Options.”
  • Provide the song name and artist details.
  • Specify stem count and track length.
  • Add optional services like Valve Option, Tape Option, and Auto-tune, then click “Add To Cart.”
  • For multiple songs, click ‘Continue Shopping,’ then repeat the steps.
  • Proceed to ‘Review & Checkout’ for secure payment options like Credit Card and PayPal.

Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor and Universal Audio Apollo x16 converters at Doctor Mix

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